TripleX Trading Ou

SEO, e-commerce optimization, affiliate marketing, sms-marketing and e-mail marketing services.

In 2013, two students of the Helsinki School of Economics interested in Internet marketing decided to start exploring what opportunities the world of Internet Marketing might have for them. Initially, a site focused on cryptocurrencies was tested. After this, we experimented various affiliate marketing sites, the revenue potential of which was very quickly clear. However, the development of the pages received less attention until in 2014, when we started creation of Finnish investment websites.

This work continued with various Finnish-language sites until 2016, when the goldmine was hit. We found a very interesting English investment niche from which we made large sums of money in a short period of time. At the same time, our expertise also increased considerably because we were able to focus on this full-time.

So in the following years, developing other affiliate sites became even easier. At present, we own and we develop several different sites focused on affiliate marketing, both in Finnish and English. At the moment, our latest project is the website, which aims to both teach and find the best and most reliable loan offers for the visitors.